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With Integrity
The Future of Agriculture

Kline Family Farms is a second-generation family farm located in east central Indiana.  Our annual crop production includes corn, soybeans, and seed wheat. Our logo, Innovative Farming with Integrity, was formulated to accurately reflect our philosophy as well as our mission. We are a farm enterprise that recognizes and values the importance of the many partnerships it takes to successfully operate our farm.  We strive to produce the highest yields possible, using the latest technology  while utilizing superior land stewardship practices.  Our goal is to be profitable for our landowners while sustaining land productivity for the future. Our commitment to these goals will be illustrated as we launch our website to provide you the latest news and information  about our operation. Jim Kline, president of Kline Family Farms, has a long history of farming in east central Indiana. He majored in Agricultural Economics and Farm Management at Purdue University. Upon graduation, Jim returned to the family farm to join his father and brother. Jim’s father passed away in 1990, but the farm continued to grow and prosper. Eventually Jim’s brother, Ken, pursued a career in education, but he continues to support Jim’s efforts. The farm was incorporated in the early 1990’s and later became known as Kline Family Farms Partnership.

Kline Family Farms has consistently explored the use of new methods of farming in order to enhance production while protecting our environment. Historically Kline Family Farms was one of the first in our geographic region to employ the use of no-till farming practices, yield mapping, and the use of site-specific farming. During the past year we have implemented the use of twin-row planting technology to cost effectively enhance corn and soybean production.

One of the most important aspects of our business is maintaining the integrity of the partnerships we have developed-- with our employees, our vendors, and our landowners. Our relationships are based upon the highest ethical behavior and our ability to convey value in all interactions. We believe in family values and strong landowner and employee relationships, realizing that these are essential for the success of our farm operation.

Kline Family Farms - 1532 N. 325 W. Hartford City, Indiana 47348 (p)765-499-0608 (f)765-348-3167
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